Some answers to questions you might have.

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I don't have a credit card. Can I still reserve?

Sorry, we cannot take reservations without a credit card. Feel free to call or come by upon arrival. All bookings go through our online secure system and require a credit card. Should you borrow a card from a friend or family member they will only be charged a one Euro card verification fee as opposed to the 10% or 20% charged by other online reservation services. You can then pay cash on arrival or credit card if you have one by the time you’ll arrive.

Do you offer shuttle service from the airport?

We provide shuttles from the hostel to the airports as we have found that it is cheaper (and less complicated) to take a taxi upon arrival especially if it is for 2 or more people.
This service is subject to charge of course.
-From 3 DUCKS to Orly airport:40euros for maximum 3 persons(set fee)
-From 3 Ducks to CDG airport :60euros for max 3 persons(set fee)
-Special fees can be provided from 4 persons and over.

I need a tourist visa. Can you send me a confirmation?

We can email individual confirmations required for tourist visas from some countries. However, a booking confirmation with full name and dates corresponding to your visa request is usually sufficient to obtain a visa. It is best to have each member of your party’s full name on the reservation.

Can i arrive to te hostel before check in time to the rooms?

The check in(access) to the rooms is from 2pm
You can arrive anytime before that time so you can already sign in,drop your bags into the provided luggage room. You will be able to start your visits without loosing time.
You do not need to be back at 2PM.
You’ll access to your ROOM at anytime you’ll be back as you already signed in at the front desk.

What is the check out time?

The check out time is maximum at 10:30am and is not flexible.
A Penalty of 5euros per 30mn will be charged to you if not respected.Do understand that people are check in to the rooms at 2pm and need to find the area they will be occupying clear and clean.

Can i share my bed with a 2nd person and pay for 1 person only?

NO.This is strictly forbidden and severely sentenced.
You’ll be fully charged for this if its the case.Even if your friend shared your bed.Do consider as well that you are sharing your room with other persons that will certainely be disturbed in ther own confort.if you reserve and pay for a 4 or 6persons rooms, you expect to be maximum with the same number of persons.NOBODY ELSE.

Is breakfast included? what is it?

Yes The breakfast is included and its served from 7:30am till 9:30am.
Its a continental breakfast:
A selection of 3 different juices
A selection of bread and pastries
A selection of 3 different cereals
DRINKS: coffee, tea, chocolate, milk

if i reserve a § bedded dorm for 6 persons , am i sure that we will all be in the same room?

Reserving a 6 bedded dorm foe the same number of persons does not garaty you will be placed all together even though we manage as much as possible to separate friends.
the Only garanty to be placed all together is to reserve the PRIVATE 6 bedded room if available.
the same applyes for the 4 bedded room that are available on private base as well.
NOTE that we always make our best to keep the people together.

Do i pay upon check in or check out?

You fix your bills upon check in either by cash or credit card.
You do not have to pay with the credit card you provided upon reservation. you are able to change card upon arrival.

Can i change my mind after check in ,decide to shorter my stay , and have a refund on my already paid nights reserved?

No, any prepaid night will not be refunded or transfered to other dates. You are adviced to cancel the nights you are not sure to stay upon arrival .If you reserved through other online system than ours the deposit you paid to those systems will be lost.